Tips For Fixing Water Leaks On Your AC

If your air conditioning unit is leaking water, it may be due to a number of reasons. Before you try to fix the water leakage on your own, it is important for you to know the exact cause of the leakage. So, follow the steps mentioned below in order to figure out the exact cause of the leakage in order to fix the water leaks on your air conditioning unit.

First and foremost, it is important for you to keep in mind that any air-conditioning unit that is leaking water is not running at optimum capacity. If you do not get it fixed at the earliest, it may not only affect the lifespan of your air conditioning unit but may also cause other issues. So, you should get it fixed at the earliest.

One of the most common reasons for air conditioner leak water is backing up of the drain pipe which leads to an overflowing drain pan. The drain pipe usually gets clogged with dirt which leads to overflow of water in the drain pan and since drain pan has a limited capacity to hold water, it leads to overflowing water. This overflowing water causes leakage. The only way to get it fixed is to ensure that the drain line is clean and nothing is clogging it.

One of the ways to ensure that the drain pipe is never clogged is through regular preventive maintenance. When you hire the services of an experienced air-conditioner servicing company, they will ensure that the drain pipe is clean and there is no build-up of dirt or dust inside that may lead to water leakage.

Another common reason for leakage of water in the air-conditioning unit is low level of refrigerant. Sometimes, low level of refrigerant in the air-conditioning unit causes it to freeze. The frozen water begins to melt once the unit is shut down and that leads to water leakage. Water leakage due to such issues may lead to moisture in the ceilings that may cause severe damage. Therefore, you should get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Another common reason for leakage of water from an air-conditioning unit is disconnected drain line. Therefore, the first thing you need to do before you call in an air-conditioner servicing company is to check the drain pipe and ensure that it is properly connected. If the drain pipe is properly connected and secure, the water leakage may be due to some other reasons. A blocked filter may also lead to AC water leakage if it is full of dirt and the dust blocks free flow of air through the filter. Once the airflow is hindered, it may cause freezing and once this frozen ice starts melting after shutdown of air-conditioning unit, it may lead to water leakage.

The drain line needs to have an air vent and p-trap installed. A p-trap is installed to allow proper water flow in case of negative airflow. If it is not installed properly, it may lead to a blockage that may cause the drain pan to fill up leading to overflow of water. If the duct work isn’t properly insulated, it may lead to condensation and water leakage.

Overall, it can be said that water leakage on an air-conditioning unit may happen due to any number of reasons. The best way to prevent such issues is routine maintenance. If you are unable to service air conditioner on a regular basis, it is better to hire the services of a reliable air-conditioner servicing company for preventive maintenance. Some of the things can be done on your own but an experienced and reliable technician is needed to take care of all the potential issues to prevent any such problems.

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