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A Belated Thank You, Teachers

Jill Hare of wrote a nice thank-you to all underappreciated teachers of the world. Here’s the link. Read it today or wait for a day when a student tells you how ridiculous you look in those pants.

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Slate Magazine Model 21st Century Classroom Contest

In response to the outdated state of the average American classroom, Slate  Magazine recently solicited reader suggestions for transforming American schools. Go to their site to see what readers had to say about a model classroom for the 21st century.

Also, be sure to click on the following links (or just scroll down) to read responses from Teacher, Revised contributors: Gabrielle Lensch Plastrik and Alistair Bomphray.

We hope you will leave your own suggestions/critiques as comments below.

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Damn you, Oprah, and your 23 million viewers per week

Rethinking Schools, the progressive ed magazine out of Milwaukee, has been pretty active in the anti-Waiting for Superman movement. Here’s a link to their website,, which is basically a collection of articles critiquing the film and the policies espoused therein. Good, smart stuff. Check it out.

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TV Hat to the Rescue!

Instead of putting a smart screen in every classroom, why not give every student one of these?

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The Teachable Moment: Seizing the Instants When Students Learn


Just wanted to pass on some congratulations to fellow education blogger, Rebecca Branstetter of Notes from the School Psychologist, who, after two long years, published her book, “The Teachable Moment: Seizing the Instants When Students Learn.” It’s an anthology of different educators reflecting on their teaching experiences, and though I haven’t read it yet, my mom says it’s pretty great.

I should also thank Rebecca for including one of my own pieces despite repeated references to PCP (of all things) and a higher curse word per page ratio than is generally considered kosher for an ed book.

So, teachers, if you’re looking for some inspirational reading this summer (that’s not Nicholas Sparks’ latest gutwrencher), may I suggest “The Teachable Moment”? Here’s Rebecca’s more comprehensive synopsis.

And speaking of summer, ain’t slow mornings with the paper grand?

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Top Ten Teacher, Revised Stories of 2009-10


Hey everybody, we’re 1! (which is, like, ancient in blog years, right?)

Teacher, Revised is officially all growed up. Well, not really, but we did make it a whole year without becoming complete computer nerds or getting our tires slashed by vengeful homeschoolers (that’s an inside joke for those of you who have been with us for awhile—let’s just say we learned our lesson).

A BIG thank-you  goes to all of our writers and readers who continue to enrich this blog with their thoughts and experiences.

To commemorate the occasion, here are the top ten posts of our inaugural journey through cyberspace (based purely on number of clicks). We would be eternally grateful if you would take a moment to email this post all to of your teacher friends. ‘Cause, you know, it’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to (i.e. if no one comes).

1. Teaching With Depression: Is There Any Way Out? by JESSE SCACCIA

2. School Discipline: Is it ever ok to physically restrain a student? by GEHRY OATEY

3. Standardized Tests: Inadvertently Or Not, They Are Racist by JESSE SCACCIA

4. What Students Want: “You give respect to get respect” (video) by ALISTAIR BOMPHRAY

5. Did you know the average class size in American schools is 8 pupils per teacher? Yeah, me neither… by ALISTAIR BOMPHRAY

6. The Unabashedly Strict Teacher: The real discipline problem lies with the parents by VERONICA O’BRIEN

7. Teaching and Learning: Grammar Lost in the Shuffle by GABRIELLE LENSCH PLASTRIK

8. Reflections on Urban School Teaching: Learning Discipline by JILL GUERRA

9. Reflections on Urban School Teaching: Whataya Wanna Be When You Grow Up? by JILL GUERRA

10. The Schoolyard Foodie: Why our kids are fighting over fruit by GEHRY OATEY

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Thank you, A Better Oakland

We recently got a nice shout-out from the popular Oakland blog, A Better Oakland. They said, “(Teacher, Revised’s) reflections on their classroom experiences and the education system are sometimes maddening, frequently heartwarming, and always a refreshing reminder of what wonderful, caring people we have out there trying to take care of Oakland’s kids.”

Always good to know we’ve got a few friends out there on the oh so cold and lonesome information superhighway.

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