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Teachers, the End Is Nigh or How’d That Walker Guy Get Elected?

With all the vitriole aimed at teachers these days, it’s nice to know Jon Stewart is in our corner. If you care about teachers and what’s happening to them in Wisconsin, watch this Daily Show episode.

And here’s an interesting article in the New York Times about the recent backlash against teachers.

Strange times indeed to be a public school teacher. More on this soon…


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Reflection: Comb Your Hair (Boys) and Smile (Girls)


Something that’s probably obvious by now to our regular readers is that I’m a little obsessed with teaching “the whole student.”

Good grades and high standardized test scores don’t mean anything if our students aren’t passionate about learning, if they leave school socially ignorant in some way, or if they are depressed.

Something that rarely comes up in discussions about teaching the whole student is physical appearance. It’s such a subjective thing, for one. And it’s a line, quite frankly, I don’t think society wants us teachers to cross.

But should we?

According to this article in The New York Times’ Education Life insert, boys experience a statistically significant raise in grades for good grooming, and a penalty for being slovenly.

Surprising? When one imagines the periphery traits associated with being a good student–being on time, polite, well-groomed–and considers that the nature of the human mind is to project identity based on superficial characteristics, this isn’t surprising at all.

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